Dante’s Top 5 in DC


benevento from wm007

I really liked Washington, DC. These were my favorite things of all in the city:

(1) Washington Monument When we came into the anchorage we could see the Washington Monument from our boat. It was really cool so we took a photo. Then when we went into the Washington Monument, we could see our boat from the top of the monument so we took a picture of our boat. The Washington Monument is really cool because inside it has one stone from each state; the most valuable stone is made of jade, but the biggest stone is from New York.







berlin wall(free press0052) Newseum My favorite museum was the Newseum, which is about news and journalism. I liked it because it had a lot of hands on things. For example, I got to solve a mystery about being a reporter. It also had a part of the airplane that crashed into the World Trade Center and part of the World Trade Center itself. It also had a few parts of the Berlin Wall and a guard tower from East Berlin. We watched a movie about a woman reporter who had to act crazy to report on an asylum so that women wouldn’t be treated horribly in these places. There was also a section on first amendment rights.





WWII memorialWWII memorial 2(3) World War II memorial I liked the World War II Memorial because it had reliefs (3-D pictures) that showed different parts of the war. It also had a fountain and pillars that represent different states. It had the Atlantic theatre and the Pacific theatre.






capitol 2 RR(4) Capitol Building When we walked up to the Capitol Building I could tell it would be an amazing tour. We got a staff-led tour of it, from Barbara Boxer’s office. Barbara Boxer is one of California’s senators. Each state contributes 2 statues. One of California’s statues was of Ronald Reagan who said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” and part of his pedestal has part of the Berlin Wall in it. George Washington was supposed to be buried in the Capitol but he wanted to be buried at his house. There is a golden plate where he is supposed to be buried. If you want to be a politician don’t touch it, because it is bad luck to touch it. I purposefully touched it because I don’t want to have a future of politics.



(5) Vietnam War Memorial The Vietnam War Memorial is a large wall with thousands of names of the American soldiers that died in that war. There is this story of this lone American soldier who came across a Vietnamese soldier and it came down to who would pull the trigger first and the American soldier pulled the trigger first and killed the Vietnamese soldier. Then a picture fell out of the dead soldier’s pocket and the American soldier picked it up and kept. The picture was of the soldier and his daughter. Many years later, the American found the daughter and gave the picture back to her..