Dante (Scallywag)…. his enthusiasm for Legos, fishing and baseball is only superseded by his love of adventure traveling.  When he grows up he can’t decide if he wants to be an aeronautical engineer, a professional Lego builder or a cartoonist.  For now, he’s content living full-time on Benevento and having the world as his classroom.



Jennifer (First Mate)….. is a communications professional on a leave of absence from Cisco.   When on land, Jennifer loves vegetable gardening, long hot showers, and having lots of room to make a mess in the kitchen.  She will be hard-pressed to enjoy such folly aboard Benevento.  As First Mate and Head Mistress of Open Ocean Elementary, Jennifer enjoys spending quality time as a family, knowing that it won’t be much longer that she and Darold are still cool with Dante.



Darold (Buccaneer)….having shanghaied his family to embark on a lifelong dream, he is happiest when sailing on the high seas.   When tied to his mooring he enjoys, camping, hiking and Italian food.