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18 Responses to Guest Log

  1. Darold Massaro

    San Francisco, CA – USA
    Benevento – Pacific Seacraft 40
    A beautiful 5 day sail from America Samoa to the Kingdom of Tonga.

  2. Doug Lawson

    A Crawford Melonseed ( )
    Awesome daysail in the middle of Lake Tahoe with my son Ben

  3. Jill Rode

    Home Port: Santa Barbara, California
    Vessel name & Type: Rode Abode, California Ranch
    Fav Sailing Destination: Santa Cruz Harbor on Benevento (especially if there is a full tank of gas!)

    • Darold Massaro

      I second a full tank of gas!

  4. Bev Munday

    Wishing you all well on your journey and looking forward to hearing all about Dante’s academic and non-academic adventures!

  5. Cheryl Rode

    Home Port: Coronado
    Vessel: usually just a surfboard
    Best sailing: San Juan Island aboard Dorade (look up her facebook page – she is now on east coast)
    Stop by to visit if you have time before heading out to the wide world!!

  6. Tim Litvin

    Liveaboard since 1990; home port Santa Cruz
    s/v “Sala-ma-Sond”, a Cheoy Lee Offshore 40 yawl

    Favorite sailing story? I recall hearing of a British crew who were becalmed, and was forced to survive for days on nothing but food and water. In all my years sailing, never have I had to endure such hardship. Fair winds to you all.

    • Darold Massaro

      Fortunately we have plenty of rum!

  7. Ant Gail & Uncle Fred

    Home Port: Laguna Niguel, CA

    Vessel Name: Casa de Los Buenos; California Ranch

    Favorite Sailing Story: Sant Cruz Harbor with the Massaro Crew. Ant Gail took the helm while Uncle Fred lost “it.”

    • Darold Massaro

      Yes, but he did so …. so eloquently.

  8. Sylvia

    Ahoy Benevento. I am Joyce’s cousin and was very interested to hear of your adventure.
    Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA USA
    Boat: s/v Cinnabar – Custom Schumacher 52′
    After a summer in the SF Bay Area we are heading back to our boat in La Paz and plan to do a season in the Sea of Cortez, then in 2015 (hopefully) head to destination New Zealand via the south Pacific. Maybe our paths will cross going opposite directions?

  9. Sandra Little

    Charleston, SC
    Ragtime. J-40

    Just found your blot through Women Who Sail
    Loved the way you tagged your messages on the map
    You’re sailing my dream!

  10. Jose

    Home Port: Pier 39, San Francisco, CA
    Vessel Name and Type: CARTHAGO – Beneteau 423
    Favorite Sailing Destination / Story: Day 1 of owning the boat was already an adventure!

  11. Candy Masters

    Seattle, WA Endeavor 46′ steel yawl (Tingen) Launched in 1962 – Vinkeveen The Netherlands….David may have a different answer, but my favorite destination so far is Mexico’s Sea of Cortez…warm water, good diving, friendly native peoples, not too crowded, and you get a 10 year cruising permit when you enter…what could be better than that??

  12. Paul Garcia

    We met in Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA last summer just before your T/A departure. Saw your boat in Saquetucket Harbor too but you weren’t aboard. Great to hear your adventures from Spain! Hurricane force winds! Nicely done. Fair winds!

  13. Astrid and Wolfgang

    Weilheim Germany
    Sunbeam 39 BREUKENS

    We had a vhf contact in front of Procida. If you would like some tips for the area or just say hello please contact us via e mail. Ciao!

  14. Jay Myers

    Hi folks Was perusingyour site to find Erik Bloise, Y’no the doc from TEXASS. Am anxious to see the progeny of such a guy who always deserved my major respect for his handling of a situation that was WAY “beyond the Pale.” ESPECIALLY at the tender age of 20. I have the dubious distinction of being among the first english speakers Erik met in Hiva Oa in the French Marquises
    Dateline 1989, A new boat just came in behind us and barely made the turn into the harbor. The guy on deck appeared disoriented or exhausted but got some kinda CRAP danforth looking thing and snagged her just short of the surf line. We , having just gone ashore from 30 days at sea, could barely stand up and were110 yards and a dinghy ride away. We watched him lay down on deck. …………….

    For those of you who know the stuff Erik is made of this is the best of a Tusitalas delights. For the ones who have been kept in the dark by the self effacing nature of Erik It is too wonderful of a story to not make a movie. ? Jay Myers. Retired in the San Fran/ Sac. Delta . Any friend of Eriks is ours too.
    ( I wonder if I’m in trouble for this? Ah Well! )

  15. Nancy Hames

    Wonderful to meet you on Menorca. We are now on Sardinia enjoying crystal clear water and incredible vistas. Thanks for good company and delicious cookies. Enjoy Palma!

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