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The Museum of California

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Monday August 26, 2013


Today I went to the Museum of California. Obviously this museum is about California.  Mom, Dad, and I went to level one Art, level two History and Level three Natural Science.


The only photo I have of the art section is of the statue of the California Venus. There were a ton of pots stacked up to make a strange sculpture. The sculpture was painted red. We saw a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge being built. The cameras were really big back then. Did you know that it was a tradition to quit work if someone fell while building that bridge?




The history gallery starts off with how the Native Americans lived before the Spanish came. There was a reed canoe, and some tools. The Spanish brought religion, livestock, horses, rats, ships, metal, houses, alcohol and disease. There was a ship that you could go into that showed everything that you need to know. There were some crates with guns and other things that they brought. Next we went to the cowboys and trains then to the modern age exhibit. Did you know that in the gold rush you would earn more money washing clothes than most men would earn looking for gold? There was a full scale wagon. It didn’t look too comfortable. Then we saw some of the first Hollywood advertisements. The modern exhibit had a part of an airplane that looked like it was from when my dad was a kid.



Natural Sciences

The natural science level had a koi pond. On the inside there were all sorts of things like a stuffed bear, a fish tank with live fish in it and different stuffed animals. Grizzly bears are extinct from California. Did you know that a blue jay can store up to 100,000 acorns a year?  Did you know that pike are dangerous? After that we went to the koi pond again. Then we left. That’s my blog.




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  1. Calyx King

    luv the site, Dante and family! it’s so cool. oh BTW i’m class prez for 2 weeks, Kurt’s vice prez, and the new girl Lauren is secretary. Loma ain’t the same without u! c u in 2 years! 🙂 <3

  2. Carolyn Dufort

    I am glad that your blog is up and running. I am hoping to take the 3rd graders to the Oakland Museum of California this year–in fact, it’s on my “to do” list for today because they start taking reservations on Sept. 1.
    Would it be ok for me to put a link to your blog on our class website? It will make it easy for the students to “find” you! We miss you at Loma!

  3. Capt. Joseph W. Rodgers


    Turn your cruise into a voyage of discovery and have an exciting time that when you’re older you will appreciate even more than now. Wear your life jacket, hold on tight and laugh a lot.

    “To young men contemplating a voyage. I’d say go.” -Joshua Slocum

    And remember “Only the Admiral or the fool stands in front of the companion way” Capt. Jo

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