During the morning, conditions begin to subside.  The counter current ceases.  We begin to make some progress.  It’s still overcast.  Dante says, “Does the sun ever shine in Panama?”  We don’t know how to answer. Mid-day, off in the distance, I can see the skyline of Panama City.  Panama City!  We cue up Panama by Van Halen. Closer and closer we get to the skyline.  Darold navigates us across the shipping lane and we see the stream of ships coming out of the canal.  To either side of the main shipping channel there are dozens of large cargo vessels and tankers anchored – all waiting their turn.  We take down the sails and motor over to the anchorage.  We did it.  We have so much further to go on this voyage, but for now – this is enough.  We sailed further east than Miami, Florida. We did it.  We did it.  We did it..