Living On The Boat

My blog post is about living on a boat. Living on a boat isn’t easy but it isn’t hard either. We can’t use a lot of water. We only have three water tanks. There are water tanks in the forward berth, the center sole, and my berth.

These are some definitions that every sailor should know:

Berth = Bedroom
Bunk = Bed
Head = Bathroom
Soul = Floor
Port = Left
Starboard = Right
Galley = Kitchen
Saloon = Living Room

Traveling on a boat is different than traveling in a car or an airplane because it is way bumpier it is mostly colder, you can walk outside while moving without falling unlike a car or air plane and you don’t have to sleep sitting up. The boat is different than a house because it is a smaller place, the rooms are different and it moves.

We are going from Alameda to Mexico then to the Panama Canal to the Caribbean Sea then up the Inner Coastal water way to Cape Cod then across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. I am excited to learn the different cultures. I made an observation the other day; most people don’t notice their culture when they’re in it. But when I go to the different countries I will notice my culture..

2 Responses to Living On The Boat

  1. Lori Rose

    Fantastic talk today Dante! You are a pro on stage!! We look forward to following your blog and being with you in thought on your journey. Bon Voyage my friend… can’t wait to see you again in 2015! The fehrs

  2. Tracy

    Love reading your posts Dante!! I love all the cultures I have been fortunate enough to experience. The Mexican culture is one of my favorites. Great, family oriented people that love to celebrate, eat and drink. Reminds me of Italians 🙂

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